Top 20 Fashion Trends for Fall 2019

It’s September! There is a crispness in the air.  The leaves are starting to show the first sign of changing colors.  Soon the green will be red, yellow and orange.  The days are getting shorter, as we look forward to cozy evenings, and sweater weather.

I love everything about the fall.  But by far my favorite is welcoming all the new fall fashion trends.  Sure, I love the ease of a summer wardrobe.  Throwing on a simple dress and a pair of sandals is as easy as it gets when getting dressed in the morning. But nothing beats the excitement and anticipation of seeing the new fall collections as they get released each year.

Fall 2019 has so many trends that have me particularly excited.  I’ve chosen the top 20 and have broken it out into three categories: accessories, color fabric and texture, and style.  So let’s jump right in.


1.       Itty Bitty or Supersized Bags

Purses are either so tiny you can barely fit a credit card, or so large you can carry everything including the kitchen sink.  Practically speaking, the itty bitty bag is really more of a decorative piece.  Carrying off this trend will require some serious adjustment as there is no room to carry anything extra.  Or anything at all, quite frankly. On the other hand, the supersized bag can overwhelm a small frame like mine.  Whichever trend I jump on board with will require some adjustment to work for my lifestyle.

2.       Chunky Chain Necklace

chunky chain necklace.jpg

Pretty and delicate necklaces with small charms and fine chains have been on trend for some time now. Especially piled on in multiples to fill the neck area.  But for fall, we are looking at much chunkier chains that stand out all on their own.  Pile them up or where one single stand out piece.  But to be really on trend, make sure it’s gold.

3.       Puffy Headbands

Hair accessories were on all the runways and have already been embraced by the top fashion influencers.  One of my favorites is the puffy hairband.  From super simple to over-the-top embellished, you can find one for every occasion. Or wear them just for the fun of it.

4.       Barrette Art

Embellished barrettes are also huge for fall.  Pearls, rhinestones, tortoise shell, and more are readily available.  The trick is to wear multiples. The more the better.

5.       Bright Tights

Tights have been out of favor the last couple of years as we attempted to go bare-legged with our over the knee boots.  But no need to brave the cold this year.  Bright tights are all the rage.  So have fun and stay warm at the same time.

Color, Fabric, and Texture

6.       Lavender


We have seen pastels for a couple of seasons now so no surprise we are seeing some of that carry over to the fall. But the pastel to embrace now is lavender.  Whether soft and subtle, or bright and bold, make sure to add some to your fall wardrobe.  Now if you really want to stand out, do what Cardi B. does here and wear it head to toe.

7.       Patchwork


This is not your grandmother’s patchwork. It may sound a little bohemian, but this fall trend can be deceiving. The color and texture of a modern patchwork treatment can add so much interest to classic designs and tailored pieces.  Use a little bit in an accessory, or go all out and wear an entire outfit.

8.       Plaid

Plaid is a classic that comes in and out of fashion every few years but it is huge for fall 2019.  You will see it in outwear, suiting, pants, sweaters, accessories, you name it.  It’s an easy trend to add to your wardrobe.  I suggest you go unexpected and buy a great pair of plaid pants.  Or better yet, go for an entire pant suit.

9.       Gold


I already mentioned that gold is trending but no need to limit it to just your jewelry.  Try a fabulous party dress, shoes or boots.  I love gold leather.  A great skirt or a blazer would definitely stand out.  You can also look for gold in the details, such as the hardware on a purse, or buttons on a jacket.

10.   Moody Florals


It took a few seasons but we have now embraced florals and they will carry over from the spring and summer into fall.  However, the colors are going to be much moodier.  We are looking at black, or navy as a base.  There will also be dark reds, greens, and oranges.  Not unlike what you might see on a country walk this season.

11.   Animal Print

animal print.jpg

Animal print, like plaid, comes back every few seasons.  What’s new and fresh is that we are embracing new and different prints.  Sure, leopard has not gone anywhere.  But to elevate your animal print now, try embracing something new.  Particularly hot for fall 2019 are giraffe and snakeskin.

12.   Snakeskin

snake skin boots from zara.jpg

And speaking of snakeskin, it is just so hot, it needs its own section.  You cannot go without a pair of snakeskin boots this fall.  These ones from Zara are perfect and won’t break the bank. But don’t just limit your snakeskin wardrobe to footwear.  There are some incredible, silky blouses and dresses with this print.

13.   Head to Toe Leather

head to toe leather.jpg

Whether real or faux, wear your leather from head to toe this fall. Now that is how you make a statement.

14.   Head to Toe Knits

head to toe knits.jpg

And that goes for your knits as well.  Go for the cozy warm feel of a sweater dress, a long knitted coat, or a knit pant. That takes sweater season to a whole new level.

15.   Quilting


We are accustomed to seeing quilted outerwear.  Puffer coats have become a staple and are not going anywhere.  But add some quilting to your inner-wear as well.  Add a beautiful skirt or maybe a jacket with a quilted finish, and prove you are a trend-setter.


16.   Boiler Suits

boiler suit.jpg

Jumpsuits have taken a dramatic turn for the fall.  The new jumpsuit, or rather boiler suit, has a decidedly more utilitarian style.  It is reminiscent of a mechanic’s overalls, with front buttons, cargo pockets etc.  Fabrics tend to be heavier, and more structured.

17.   The Boxy Jacket

vintage pierre cardin blazer.jpg

Also referred to as the boyfriend jacket or the 80’s jacket, it is longer in length, often double breasted and slightly oversized.  In fact, I suggest sizing up on this. If you prefer a more fitted look, try belting it.  For vintage shoppers, this is definitely an item that can be sourced from vintage shops, such as this one from Pierre Cardin.

18.   Super Long Coats

long coats.jpg

When those evenings get chilly, nothing feels better than wrapping yourself in a warm blanket.  The longer, floor grazing coats you will find this fall will feel very much like wrapping yourself in a blanket.  They can be found in rich wools, cozy plaids, or weather defying puffers.

19.   Suiting

pant suit.jpg

If you are going to buy just one new outfit this fall, make it a pantsuit.  You will find a huge variety of styles and colors so there is one out there to fit every taste, including: florals, plaids, solids, skinny pants, wide legs, short jackets, long jackets, and more.

20.   Capes


How about adding a cape to your outerwear collection?  Capes were all over the 2019 runways and have been seen on many street-style stars and influencers.  So now is the time to embrace this trend.

Now you see why I love the fall fashion season. There are so many wonderful options to freshen up or completely overhaul your closet. Which ones are your favorites?