The September Issue


Is there anyone out there who still looks forward to receiving the magical September issue of all the biggest fashion magazines?  I do!  The feel of the glossy pages in my hand; the weight of them as I pick them up.  There is something magical about flipping the pages through fashion shot after fashion shot.

Sure, at least 80% of these pages are ads but even those serve as beautiful inspirations of outfits to come.  I devour every photo: the clothes, the hair, the make-up.  I plan how my existing wardrobe fits the trends and styles prevalent for the new season.  What pieces do I need to update?  How can I use what I already have in a different way to make it fresh and new?  What new pieces do I need to add?  With each page that I turn, my mind fills with new possibilities.


Now it may sound counter-intuitive for me to extol the virtues of the printed page.  As a blogger, you may think that I would be pushing digital sources to get your fashion news.  And guess what?  I love that too.  There is plenty of room for the two to co-exist.  In fact, for some magazines, I subscribe to both issues.  And of course I have many favorite bloggers that I follow.  But I have not given up that wonderful feeling of holding that magazine in my hands.


Over the next few weeks I will flip those pages again and again and I will find endless inspiration.  So watch out for more posts on what I learn about new Fall trends.  It happens to be my favorite season, in no small part due to all the new clothes that come out this time every year.  In the meantime, tell me how you feel about fashion magazines.  Print or digital?  Inspirational or discouraging?  I would love to hear from you.