Surprising Health Issues You May Experience As You Age

It’s true to say that as you age, your body changes. Some of the health issues that you’re likely to experience you will already be aware of. Alzheimer’s disease, for instance, is now a common topic in various types of media. Others though may be a little more unexpected and you could be unprepared for these issues. Let’s look at a few and make sure you are aware of health changes that can impact you as you age.

Tooth Decay

You might think that as long as you keep brushing, flossing and using mouthwash, your teeth will remain healthy for years. While all these steps will help protect your oral health, you could still develop issues. Once you reach a certain age, regardless of what steps you take, your teeth won’t be as strong as they used to be. They will be more prone to staining, cavities and even serious levels of tooth decay. You should be aware of the signs of this medical issue. For instance, if you notice pain in your teeth after eating, this could be a sign of tooth decay, and you should visit a dentist if you do notice this issue.

Weight Gain

It’s difficult to escape reports these days about the importance of keeping your weight in check. People who are overweight will be more likely to develop a range of medical conditions including diabetes and heart disease. What you won’t hear is how as you age, putting on weight becomes increasingly likely. Your body simply won’t bounce back as much as it used to. This simply means that you need to make sure that you are keeping a check on your diet and your fitness plan. Remember, it’s not just about putting on weight. You could also struggle to lose any weight that you put on as well.

Bone Break

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 It’s not just your teeth that become more susceptible to damage as you age. You need to be aware of the potential problem of bone breaks as well. Bone breaks become more common because your bones are weaker. As well as this, they will take longer to heel. A bone break when you are in your twenties will take a few weeks to recover. As you age, recovery time can increase to months or even years. You will also need more advanced surgery to correct an issue which can lead to complications. If you do find you are left in pain or with a medical condition after surgery to treat an issue like this call a malpractice lawyer. This will ensure you get the best possible advice in this type of situation.


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 Unfortunately, depression does become more common as you age. In America, one in twenty Americans over the age of sixty suffer from depression. It’s difficult to say why this becomes more common as you age but it is important to recognize the signs. Lethargy, a lack of energy and general levels of fatigue can all be common signs and symptoms of depression.

We hope you see now that there are some unexpected health issues that do become more common and problematic as you age.