Summer Skincare Essentials


During the summertime, it is nice to be able to wake up in the morning and go straight outside wearing our natural face. Wearing makeup during the summer is great, but when we are on holiday we don’t always want to be putting lots of products onto our face. Here are some of the skincare essentials you need to know to keep your skin super soft and supple this summer and with a natural glow.

Face care

First skin care tip, of course, is all about the face. Our face is a huge part of our identity and therefore looking after the skin on our face seems like the most important thing in the world. To make sure that the face stays glowing and youthful this summer, you need to follow a simple and effective routine.  Wash your face with a gentle cleanser twice a day, moisturize twice a day, exfoliate three times a week and apply a face mask once a week for a deeper treatment. Your skin is an indication of how healthy you are inside, so make sure you eat foods with plenty of vitamin C to keep it healthy and young.

Makeup for the weather

If you are getting dressed up and wearing makeup during the summer months, you won’t want to be using the same foundation as you do during the winter. Not only will it likely be too light for your face, but it will also be too thick. For a simple summer look, you will want to go for a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer with SPF to make sure that you have protection against the sun and look natural and glowing. Summer is about a healthy glow, so don’t cover your skin completely.

Use sunscreen

The most important thing you need to remember and take away from this post is that you must apply sunscreen every single day. It doesn’t matter if you plan to be in the sun for hours or not, make sure that you protect your skin against the UV rays which can damage it and cause your skin to burn. Protecting your skin will stop you from peeling and blistering, and on the whole, it will keep your skin looking healthy and plump all summer long. Not to mention, it slows down the aging process caused by sun damage.

Use the kitchen

There are always some really great skincare tips that you can take from your pantry, and different natural ingredients will do different things for your skin and its overall look. For a helpful blemish remover, you can mix a small amount of honey and turmeric, place it on the spot and leave for an hour before rinsing off. For a glowing complexion, you can take an egg white and use this as a face mask for 30 minutes or so before washing off. Think about what items you can use and it will save you money on skincare products.  And when it comes to products, why not take this opportunity to look for products that use more natural, wholesome ingredients.

Eyes and lips

During the summertime we need to make sure that we take care of the more fragile parts of our body. The eyes and the lips are the most sensitive parts of our face and therefore we need to make sure they don’t get dry or burnt in the warmer weather. Think about applying a couple of cucumber slices to your eyes after a day in the sun and keep them on for 30 minutes before taking them off. You can also buy a spray for the eyes to make sure they stay hydrated. For the lips, make sure to moisturize them often and think about applying some oil such as coconut oil in the morning to keep them soft and plump throughout the day. For a quick exfoliation, add a little brown sugar to that oil and you will be left with beautiful soft, flake free lips.

Stay clean

The summer heat often causes us to sweat more.  This is perfectly natural. However, it can be an issue for our skin. If we don’t keep it clean we can end up with blocked pores and blackheads.  Make sure to wash your skin thoroughly twice a day, even if it is with cold water. Keeping the skin fresh will keep it happy and you are much less likely to suffer from any other issues with the skin.

Hydrate the body

During the summer we lose a lot of fluid through sweating, and therefore it is more important than ever to keep hydrated. Keeping the skin happy and young means drinking and eating enough water in our diet. If you hate water you can always add fruit to it to make it taste better, and if you want hydrating foods you can eat things such as melons and cucumber each day. Your body will be able to use this water to plump up the skin cells and flush out toxins.

Breathable clothes

If you want to stay comfortable and avoid sweating too much in the summer, why not make sure that you are wearing breathable clothes? You can wear things like vests, flowing dresses and shirts which allow air to flow through your body and against your skin to keep it cool and comfortable all day long.

Get out in the sun

Although the sunlight can have some interesting effects on our skin, it can also be amazing for our body overall. The sun is amazing and it can brighten even the darkest of moods. If you are feeling stressed or sad, get out into the sun and enjoy it. For your physical health, exposure to the sun allows our body to produce vitamin D which is essential for muscle repair and our skin. Getting enough sun doesn’t just give you a warm glow, but it is also good for you. If there isn’t a better reason to get outside in the sun this summer and have fun, I don’t know what is! So get out and have a great summer.