How to Develop Your Own Sense Of Style

Trying things on in a store will help you hone your sense of style by seeing what you like and works on you.

Trying things on in a store will help you hone your sense of style by seeing what you like and works on you.

With so many mass-produced clothing stores and fast fashion outlets it can very easily start to feel like everyone is dressing exactly the same. But developing your own sense of style is still possible - it just takes a little more effort. So why is this even important?  Well, finding your fashion sense can help you to be more confident every day, feel relaxed in yourself, and be ready to tackle everything that the world can throw at you. If you find that you are struggling to do this - don’t worry, you have come to the right place!

Find Some Inspiration

Your sources of fashion inspiration generally come from two main places. First, you may have friends who always seem to dress perfectly. You don’t have to copy their style directly, but you can take a closer look at why they look so great and take note of what those details are. The other place where you can draw your inspiration is from the internet. Find a couple of people whose fashion choices you love and look at the specific characteristics they share that you particularly admire.

Look at Your Current Closet

Once you understand what really appeals to you take a closer look at your current closet.  Really take stock of the items you already own. While there are some pieces you will be happy to keep for the future, it is more than likely that there will be others you will be ready to part with. Not only does this provide you with the chance to make some more wardrobe space, it also gives you the chance to think about why you thought each item once looked good, and why you no longer think the same way.


Shop Smarter

The internet provides a great shopping options where you can buy almost anything and return those that don’t work.  There are also options to create your own custom pieces, such as this website where you can create custom hoodies.   You can browse endlessly until you find exactly what you need. But don’t limit yourself just to the internet.  You are going to find out much more about your sense of style by actually going into stores and trying things on. But be careful to think about each item as you are buying it. Adding to your wardrobe bit by bit is a much better way of developing a sense of style rather than trying to do it all at once.  If you purchase only items you really love, eventually you will have a complete wardrobe of amazing, flattering items in your closet.

Get Some Help

When you go shopping, rather than trying to do everything all by yourself, you could bring along a close friend who you trust to give you honest advice. Having a second opinion can end up playing a big role in avoiding fashion disasters before they occur!  Even better, many stores today provide personal stylists as a free service for their shoppers.  Having a neutral person evaluate your body type and make recommendations can help you understand your personal style even better.

Stock Up on Accessories

It is the finishing touches which can end up transforming an outfit, so make sure that you stock up on accessories. Jewelry, shoes, scarves, gloves, handbags, hats etc. Not only do a lot of these items tend to be more affordable than buying a whole new outfit, you also have a great opportunity to mix and match.

Developing your own style takes time.  And if you are making significant changes to your current style, it make take a level of confidence as well.  It is not easy to change, even if it’s for the better.  But take one step at a time and before you know it you will love your look.  And all the compliments you get will just be an added benefit.