How to Deal with Year Round Skin Woes

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Your skin goes through a lot each day - from the burning hot sun into air-conditioned shade to bright sunlight to cold rain and that’s just the weather! But keeping your skin soft and smooth doesn’t have to be impossible. The key is to figure out what your skin needs throughout the year to stay beautiful.

Though some problems might persist throughout the year, others are definitely attached to particular seasons. As the weather changes, the needs of your skin change too and so your skincare routine should step up to prevent as well as cure.

There are a lot of ideas and plenty of advice online about the best way to keep your skin healthy and you can find skincare products to obsess about at the site. But, if you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information, here is where you should start.

Burnt Skin

The summer months are brilliant for topping up your tan, increasing your Vitamin D levels and generally having a lot of outdoor fun. However, too much sun can be dangerous for your skin and without proper care, you can easily get burnt.

Wearing proper sunscreen is vital and even if you don’t think that you will have a problem, even using a lower SPF can help to protect your skin. However, you are well advised by the American Cancer Society to wear at least SPF 30 to ensure that your skin is protected. Top up your sunscreen throughout the day to stay safe.

Making sure that you cover up when you are out for a long period of time and you seek shade at the hottest part of the day can also help to protect your skin. Your sunscreen is never going to provide 100% protection so you should also keep an eye on how you are feeling. Remember: your face is likely to be the most exposed part of your skin so using a higher SPF is a good idea. You can also find moisturizers with some sun protection that might be useful in spring or autumn when the sun is a little less harsh.

If you do get burned and you are accidentally looking more lobster than bronzed, you can still rescue the situation with a few home remedies. Aloe is a great way to help cool and soothe the skin and is a vital ingredient in lots of moisturizing products. Spread the lotion on your skin to help it recover some of the lost moisture.

It goes without saying that you should stay out of the sun until your burnt skin has healed. A cool bath might help to soothe your symptoms and you must ensure that you stay well hydrated. If you have blisters, the skin goes white or you experience any visual changes or seizures, you must seek medical help immediately.

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Dull Skin

Often a precursor to dry skin, dull skin is a sign that you need to take a little more care to ensure that your skin is radiant and healthy. The key here is to find a skin routine that suits you and to recognize problems quickly so that your skin doesn’t stay dull for very long. And while you are treating your skin, there are plenty of beauty products on the market to help you fake it till you make it!

Staying hydrated is absolutely crucial for your skin as it relies upon water to keep its plumpness. Even though you might think that you are drinking plenty, if your skin isn’t looking bright, adding an extra glass or two of water could be the difference you need. Plus, upping the amount you drink will also give you a bit more energy, help you to concentrate and even help you maintain a healthy weight.

Stress can affect you in lots of different ways and if your skin is suffering, it is time to take some action. Relaxing in a warm bath with a face mask is a great way to take some time out to chill but will also help to clear your pores. Using an exfoliator to massage your face will also help to clear dead skin cells and the massage will increase blood flow to your face, plumping the skin.

Dry Skin

Dry skin can occur throughout the year but the winter months can be the most problematic. The problem is that you are going out into harsh cold weather bringing wind burn and then going into heated rooms where the air is dry. So what can you do to help your skin along?

Adding a cool air humidifier might sound counter-productive, but actually, by adding some moisture to the air inside, your skin will be a bit happier as the top layer is more likely to stay hydrated. Introducing a thicker or heavier face cream will also protect this top layer and stop it drying out so quickly.

If you do get dry skin, using a light exfoliator will help to remove the dead skin cells so that you can return the moisture to the layer underneath. Be very gentle with this process, though, as you don’t want to expose your skin too much and risk even more dry skin.

Dry feet is a big problem and the longer you leave this dry skin, the more likely it is to crack. The summer is a particularly problematic time for this as your feet are more exposed in cute sandals, but taking good care throughout the year is key. Soaking your feet a couple of times a week and using a pumice stone to remove dead skin cells is a good idea. However, do make sure that you add a moisturizer immediately afterwards to replace the natural oils you will have lost in the soak.

Acne Breakouts

It might be associated with teenagers, but acne can happen at any time, at any age. This is especially true for women as acne is linked to the hormonal cycle. Your skin products may also cause blemishes, especially if they are too heavy for your skin type, so if you are experiencing a lot of acne, it might be worth reviewing your skin care regime and trying gentler products.

Using a cleanser every day is a good way to avoid breakouts as this will remove dead skin cells and keep your pores clear. However, there is no way to completely avoid acne so be ready to combat spots when they appear. Acne is often caused by an increase in oil production triggered by hormones and is exacerbated by the acne bacteria on your skin. This is why cleansing every day is so important.

To treat acne, the first rule is that you must never try to pop spots. The bacteria causing inflammation will only spread if you do this, which is why you should avoid touching the spots as much as possible. Start by using over the counter treatments such as benzoyl peroxide cream to help your spots clear up and try using face masks for a deeper cleanse.

If you are still suffering with acne after a couple of weeks, see a doctor for a stronger prescription to help clear your skin. You might need to take hormone medications like the pill to help regulate your hormones and you may also be prescribed antibiotics to help clear up the infection. For many women, acne is a long battle, but the sooner you notice your symptoms and start treating them, the faster the clear up will be. Don’t hesitate to see your doctor!

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Aging Skin

Over time, your skin will age, just as you will but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. While wrinkles may be dreaded and sagging cheeks are often the target of plastic surgery ads, these symptoms are simply a sign of a life well lived. And, as long as you take proper care of your skin, there is no reason that you should worry about these things.

You are what you eat and if you want to have lovely plump skin, then eating foods that contain omega fatty acids like fish and getting a good range of vitamins and minerals from foods like avocados and walnuts, is the best idea. While it might be a myth that oily foods cause acne, it is clear that the healthier your diet is, the healthier and younger your skin will appear.

Interestingly, there is also the suggestion that massaging your face and neck can help to reduce wrinkles and help to plump the skin by stimulating the muscles below. How true this is remains to be seen, but it sounds like a good excuse to have regular facials anyway!

Your skin is the foundation of your beauty and looking after it well won’t just keep you looking young, but should also improve your general health and wellbeing. Though there are a lot of different potential problems thrown at us throughout the year, learning to recognize the symptoms and having a treatment ready will ensure that your skin is the best it can be all year round.