How to Accessorize an all Black Look

Who doesn’t love the look of a head to toe black outfit.  There is a reason the little black dress is a must for every woman’s wardrobe.  It is universally flattering and a go to for so many different types of occasions.  But if not properly styled it can look drab.  Yet there are great accessories to choose from to create the look you are after. From smart to casual, elegant, and sophisticated, black is great for every occasion. So here is to get smart about your accessories.  So here are a few great tips to plan your (almost) all black look.

Image via   Pooja Chaudhary

Image via Pooja Chaudhary


If you are heading out in your little black dress and would like to get noticed in a crowd, you have to add some sparkle to your look. There’s nothing better than diamonds; they look sophisticated and glitter in the night light. Whether it is neon or crystal chandeliers, they will reflect the light on you. Check out to find out more about the different quality and clarity of diamonds available and to get help choosing your perfect accessory.

Sequin Bags

When wearing all black, you might want to add light without adding color, and getting a sequin bag will certainly accomplish this. A clutch bag with a few sequins or a pattern will go very well with your evening dress, your black outfit, or even a tailored trouser suit. Get a sparkly chain bag with a natural shine, and add interest by accessorizing your purse with charms and jewels.  This will give you a personalized look.

Snake Skin

While all black is sexy and slimming, you can further improve your looks if you combine the darkest color with some snake skin inserts. Alternatively, you can choose a shoe or boots with a snake skin pattern, or a handbag that will give you that sophisticated and elegant look for a night out or a date. I love a great animal print, and this one doesn’t disappoint.



Image via   Marcelo Matarazzo

Black dresses and pearls go hand in hand, and have been doing so for decades. Combining the two will make you look like a million dollars. From earrings to necklaces and matching bracelets, there are several types of pearls you can choose from. Larger ones will make a statement and get you noticed, while small accessories will create a discreet look for the theatre or a meeting with clients.

Red Anything

If you love all black, but don’t want to disappear into the background, you will have to create a contrast. There’s no better color to go with black than red. You can make a statement and create a powerful look every time you combine these two colors. A pair of sunglasses with red frame, a red shoe, or even a hair accessory will enhance your look and make you stand out from the crowd.

Wearing black is a great fashion statement, but it can be boring. Accessorize your looks by adding contrast, color, shine, and sparkle. Choose the right handbag, shoes, and let yourself sparkle in the evening light. Create a sophisticated style by adding fine jewelry, or add a contrasting color to make the most out of your dark shades.