Don't Let Your Workplace Injury Take Away Your Shine!


If you’re a fierce and dedicated career woman, it’s likely that you pour your heart and soul into what you do. You recognize the efforts of trailblazing women throughout history who have suffered and toiled to change attitudes and institutions just so that you can have a job. You have labored on despite the inequities of the workplace, the casual misogyny that all-too-often goes unchallenged in the break room or the gender pay gap that could (according to the World Economic Forum) still take over 200 years to close. Thus, when a workplace injury leaves you unable to do your job on a long term or even a short term basis, it can be a huge blow.

Robbed of your job and potentially your career it becomes much more difficult to pursue life with the same vim and vigor. Before you know it, you run the risk of eschewing the power suit for sweat pants and you’re learning the grueling realities of living with a significantly reduced income. If you are injured at work, it’s vital that you don’t let this trauma rob you of your shine. Here are some ways in which you can get it back…

Get help claiming that to which you are entitled

As a hard working career woman, the idea of reaching out for help is probably not in your nature. Nonetheless, if you think that your employer will give you all the help and support you need in applying for workers’ compensation or making a disability insurance claim you’re sadly mistaken. A disability attorney can help you with making or appealing a claim under a specific insurance policy. They can also help you with applying for workers’ comp. Your employer’s insurer may try to undermine your claim at every turn so it pays to have someone who is as professionally passionate and dedicated as you are to help fight in your corner. Remember that you can (and should) apply for both disability insurance and workers’ compensation.

Stay in touch with your work friends

Whether you are rendered unable to do your job temporarily as a result of your injury or it necessitates a change in career direction altogether it still behooves you to maintain your relationship with your friends from work. These people have seen you at your best professionally and when you are reminded of the love and respect they have for you, you will continue to hold love and respect in your heart for yourself… And that’s extremely important.

dressed up lady.jpg

Dress like you, feel like you

The way you dress should make you feel confident, powerful and sexy. Whatever your age, body type, skin color or physical ability you should be able to feel empowered by what you wear. Thus, don’t feel ashamed to dress to impress, even as you convalesce. You don’t have to be going to work or even anywhere at all to ensure you are feeling good about yourself.

Never forget what you are valuable both in a professional and personal capacity. While an injury at work may dull your shine for a little while it must never be allowed to take it away from you!