Age is Inevitable, But Does Ill Health Really Come With the Territory

On the way to mid-life, certain physical changes are inevitable. In fact, you could say they’re necessary. After all, you would struggle to cope in your adult life if your eighteen-year-old body. A young body wouldn’t even be able to deal with having kids, or the physical demands that brings. So, you need to accept that, over the years, your hips will widen and your shape will change. Equally, you can’t do anything (aside from artificial coloring), to stop your hair from going grey over the years. That’s just a part of life, albeit one many people now try to avoid.

The problem is, these aren’t the only things we’re told are inevitable as we age. There are also health concerns which we’re often reminded are ‘all part of the aging process.’ As such, we treat these issues as inevitable. But, aside from changes in shape and hair color, most other alterations are a lot less pre-destined than we realize. And, we’re going to prove that point by looking at the three main culprits.

Loss of mobility

Few aging issues are treated with more resignation than loss of mobility. It’s just ‘one of those things’. Everyone has to go through it at some stage. Or, do they? I don’t think so, and you shouldn’t either. Consider that there are 90-year-olds in this world who are still physically active. They might not be able to jump and run like their younger selves, but they can get around comfortable and pain free. Whether you are fifty, sixty-years-old or beyond you can keep on top of exercise and physical activity. The only thing inevitable about lost mobility is our attitude towards it. Often, we stop trying to move when we reach a certain age because we convince ourselves we’re unable. But, if you keep up with exercises like those found at, there’s no reason you can’t stay active for a long time to come.

Loss of hearing

Loss of hearing is another thing many of us expect from old age. And, there’s no denying that the health of our hearing can deteriorate. But, that should by no means be an inevitability. Again, there are steps you can take to stop this. Not listening to loud music, for instance, can help preserve hearing. Even if you do notice issues, assuming it’s just ‘normal aging’ could do damage. Instead, contact professionals like those found at who can do tests to get to the bottom of the issue. Often, acting fast can help to keep long-term damage at bay. You can keep hearing well into your later years.

Loss of sight

Loss of sight is the kicker, isn’t it? We all fear this as we get older.  We even joke about it.  And let’s face it, some deterioration of our sight happens to many of us past a certain age. Again, though, there’s no guarantee this is in the cards for you.  While some degeneration is inevitable, simple things like regular eye checks and glasses can ensure your sight guides you for the rest of your life.

So the common thread here is that aging is inevitable, but some of the common signs of aging are not as inevitable as many people believe.  With proper care and active, healthy lifestyles, we can slow down, or even avoid some of these issues entirely.