A Time of Transition: Three Difficulties We Can Deal With Later in Life


As the saying goes, age is a privilege denied to many; getting older most certainly doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. As a mature person, you tend to be settled in your career and financially stable, you know yourself well and don’t tend to feel the pressures from things like peers or media telling us we need to be this or that. Getting older is a fantastic thing, and our mid and later decades can be a fantastic time to have fun and do everything we’ve always wanted. However, it does come with downsides too, and the following are common things that most of us have to face at one time or another. Here’s how you can deal with them.



The empty nest

When you have children, your identity changes forever. No longer are you just ‘you'- you’re a mother, and that doesn’t change when your children grow up. Even when they’ve left home and have families of their own, your identity is still as a mother and so it can be difficult dealing with the empty nest. One thing you can do is really focus on yourself, use the time you have now to reinvent yourself as whatever you wish. Get a new hair cut and color, buy some new outfits, go traveling, take up some new and interesting hobbies and meet new people. You’re still fit and full of energy so instead of sitting around feeling like life has been and gone, create a new, interesting and exciting life for yourself. You can still visit your children and spoil your grandchildren, you get to enjoy family life but now your own children are raised the pressure is off- so just enjoy it!


Aging parents

One thing that can be hard as we get older is watching our own parents age. We can often become caregivers for those who once cared for us which can be a difficult adjustment. These days however there are lots of great services that can help people to keep their independence for longer. Look at your options when it comes to helping them, if they struggle to do some things but are still alert and are no danger to themselves then there are lots of ways they can stay in their own home. Arrange a daily hot food delivery, lots of companies offer this for older adults and disabled people. You could arrange a cleaner to come in a few times a week and give them a hand with their chores, or even home care, you can check out more here. This can help them with personal care needs, when they need a little extra help looking after themselves but aren’t at the stage where they need a nursing home to look after them full time. These kinds of services can take the pressure off you, and help your parents retain their own lives and independence.


Deteriorating Health

As we age, we become more and more prone to certain health conditions. There’s no fountain of youth, as with anything the body degrades over time and we become more likely to suffer with illnesses, diseases and ailments. It’s important to be health conscious- eat well, exercise and maintain a good social circle to improve mental and physical health.

There is so much to look forward to as we age.  But we need to embrace this stage in our lives and always live it to the fullest.