A Guide to Rocking Loud Patterns Without Embarrassing Yourself


It’s often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder–and it’s mostly true. However, we have to recognize that sometimes objectivity prevails, and standards of beauty should be observed.  And that includes fashion.  A good example of this is pattern clash. While some fashion bloggers will argue that clashing patterns looks fantastic, there still has to be some method to the madness.

So in this guide, I’ll be showing you how to rock loud patterns and even clash them without looking silly.

clashing patterns.png

Stay Within Reason

There are plenty of places to get dresses with patterns that actually make cohesive sense. Here are some examples from https://www.fillyflair.com, where they sell plenty of unique dresses that aren’t too loud or trying to hard to make a statement. Instead, the dresses have a theme, a unique pattern that doesn’t clash with itself. For instance, the last thing you want is to have a loud clashing pattern that also uses a chaotic color palette. People can handle loud patterns or eccentric colors, but if you mix them together it’s going to create an absolute mess of an outfit that makes no sense and attracts the wrong type of attention.

Use Neutral Colors


Sometimes, loud patterns look far more acceptable and easier to digest when they’re layered with neutral colors. For instance, an all-black outfit can utilize white and grey patterns to make things a lot more interesting. They don’t stand out as much and because the colors naturally mix and look great together, there’s not as much to clash and it looks cohesive. In short, make use of neutral colors if you absolutely love extravagant patterns. Even a printed shirt with a crazy pattern can look amazing if it’s on a neutral background.


Build Your Own Style

Ultimately, you'll want to build up your own style that shows what you consider to be acceptable. If you’re new to mixing patterns into your outfit, then start simple by replacing current items in your wardrobe with slightly more daring and eccentric pieces. For instance, if you’re used to wearing a white shirt, then replace it with something that has a couple of patterns or colorful prints. The next day, try a patterned skirt or dress and mix it up a little. The idea is to build up different combinations that you feel look great together. Many people wear polka-dot patterns, but with varying size of dots for both the lower and upper half of their outfit. This doesn’t clash as much and assuming the colors mix well, it can actually create an interesting look.

Keep It Simple

If you’re going to wear a ruffled and patterned dress or one with some unique prints, then keep it simple. If possible, don’t wear an outstanding floral dress together with a pair of crazy jeans. If you absolutely love a certain dress or design, then build your outfit around it. Compliment it with other neutral pieces so that attention is drawn to the loud patterns you want to show off, and add a couple of accessories to balance it all out.