4 Ways Your Living Room Reflects Your Personality

Do you find you match your living room?

Do you find you match your living room?

Have you ever taken a good look around your home and wondered what it says about you? Your personality can be expressed in many ways. For some, a tattoo shows the creativity of a person. For others, a sharp suit and a starched collar show power and confidence. The way you decorate your home is going to vary depending on elements of your personality, and while you don’t always imagine that the color that you paint your living room is going to show the world who you are, it absolutely does.

The living room is the social space in the home where you entertain guests, kick back and relax and spend your down time after work. It’s the communal space that is commonly used for every member of the family. The interior design of the living room is going to reflect you are as a person. The colors that you use, the furniture you buy and even the flooring you install will all have an impact on the way others view you. People who visit your home will make assumptions about you based on your décor – despite being taught not to judge a book by its cover. If you want to know more about how your living room will reflect your personality, check out the four listed below:

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Color says an awful lot about a person, and it goes beyond just the clothes you choose to wear that day. When you choose darker tones for your living room, you come across as edgy and self-assured, with a bold and more forward personality. Lighter colors are also for people who are bold, but bold in the sense that they’re not too worried about mess. Confidence and sophistication come with a white living space, along with a lack of clumsiness!


The style of furniture, in many ways, can be described using the same adjectives we use to describe people’s personalities.  Classic, modern, chic, traditional, etc.  Can you see the connection now?  Take a look at your own furniture and describe it.  Does it sound like you are describing you?  You can choose very practical options.  But be careful if you are choosing furniture that doubles up as something else.  It’s not necessarily going to tell people that you’re practical, but that you can’t be bothered to walk from the sofa to the refrigerator for a drink. Find a balance between what looks good and what’s practical.

Focal Point

For many people, the focal point of their room is the television. If this is the case for you, you’ll be showing people that your priority for your living space is as an entertainment space. If you are pointing all your furniture to the coffee table, it’s likely you’re more about seclusion than entertaining.  Furniture arrangement definitely reflects the purpose of the room.


Your choice of thickness for your rugs can say a lot about you in a living space. Shaggy and messy rugs can reflect that your life is a little messy as well.  Free-spirited, perhaps.  Or maybe just unkempt.   A short pile that is tidy reflects a tidy and well-kept person.  Or perhaps a little OCD?

Your living room is your space and your place to make your personality known. Take your time and make sure that you are giving off the right image. You may not even care how you look to others right now, but it says a lot about you if you don’t.