Even Grey Has Fifty Shades

We live in a technicolor world.  We look for technology that gives us clearer and more vivid color images.  HD is no longer good enough as we jump to buy the latest in 4K.  This isn't a new concept.  When color TV's were first introduced, everyone had to replace their black and whites.  Old black and white movies found a new life when they were magically transformed to living color.

Did you know that color affects mood and behavior?  There is an entire field known as Color Psychology which studies the effects of various colors on our lives.  For example, the color red causes people to react more quickly and more forcibly.  And teams in black uniforms tend to get more penalties.

We talk about colorful personalities to describe people who are outgoing and stand out in a crowd.  Bright is synonymous with smart.   Vivid imaginations imply clarity and imagination.  And who doesn't love receiving a beautiful bouquet of colorful flowers.  It's uplifting and happy.  And yet, so many of us shy away from color in our lives.  What are we afraid of?

Black is still the most popular color for clothing, bags and shoes.  Our homes are often devoid of color.  Walls painted white or beige, and furniture in "neutrals".  Is neutral how we want to live our lives?  Is our reluctance to embrace color tied to our reluctance to embrace life?

To me, living a colorful life means embracing all the wonders available to us.  It means taking chances, pushing yourself, experiencing all there is to experience.  It means no regrets.  So get out there and buy a bright red dress--even if that red dress is simply metaphorical.  Try something new.  Explore a new country.  Go for that new job, or start a business of your own.  The world is a colorful place and color is life.  Be bold.  Live a colorful life.