Blogging is a passion project for me.  It's my coming of age.  I've never been one to share my life, my thoughts, or my feelings openly.  Entering midlife I realize how quickly time passes.  Like many women my age, I feel now is the time to come out of myself.  Time to acknowledge the wisdom I have gained over my 50+ years and the experiences that I can share.  But it's more than that.  I know that by sharing my experiences I can help other women in mid-life as well.  We live in a world that caters to youth and resources for those of us entering and living in mid-life are few and far between.

Mid-life has changed so much in the last 25 years or so.  For one,  we are living longer  than we used to live.  We still have half our lives ahead of us and we are certainly not ready to give up on ourselves.  We are more energetic, more engaged, and wealthier than we ever have been before.  Many of us are starting new businesses, traveling the world, starting new relationships, and taking better care of ourselves.  It could be through exercise, through diet, through fashion or through the advancements in techniques and products that allow us to look and feel more youthful. 

So now I am on a journey.  A journey to discover the person I am at this stage in my life.  A journey to find the life I want to lead during my ACT II.  A journey to experience rather than watch.  A journey to push myself to the limit.

And this time, I want to share it.  My ups, my downs, my challenges and my wins.  I would love for you to join me and experience everything with me.  I will explore life, fashion, career and relationships among other things.  I hope to provide you with guidance and inspiration along the way.  And I want to hear from you.  Share your thoughts with me. As I live my life in full color, I want to inspire you to do that same.